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The Most Productive Evening Of My Current Life

Having toyed with the idea of writing something for no reason other than to wonder why anyone would ever read it, I’ve come to the liberating conclusion that it doesn’t matter either way. I’ve been encouraged by one person I know, and another I don’t, that writing a blog would be a good idea. Perhaps even a GREAT idea, and as the title suggests, I’m feeling productive and anxious not to waste anymore evening. Right, to the point.

A couple of months ago I reviewed Jamie Lenman’s 22 track album ‘Muscle Memory’. When I say reviewed, I in fact mean grotesquely adorned it with praise of the most excessive nature, as you can see:

The sadness of Reuben’s ending in 2008 has painfully intensified over the years, but now we can brace ourselves for another lesson in pristine songwriting, courtesy of one of the most under-appreciated musical masterminds much of the world has tragically never known, Jamie Lenman. The 22 track double album entitled ‘Muscle Memory’ erupts with 40 minutes of bowel-bursting bass and riffs that will rip you in half. ‘No News Is Good News’ is a showcase of what Lenman can do, combining Meshuggah-like force with his unmistakable growl and unwaveringly frank and authentic lyrics. ‘Shower Of Scorn’ perhaps struggles to keep up with the rest, but ‘Muscle’ sees us off in a colossal and beautiful fury. Suddenly we’re safe and sound in the second half ‘Memory’, the diversity of which serves to show why fans were so justifiably excited for Lenman’s return. ‘If You Have To Ask You’ll Never Know’ is a true demonstration of intense natural songwriting ability, and immense banjo playing, while the sneaky key change in ‘Pretty Please’ raises eyebrows and further widen smiles. The album’s accompanying artwork is worth a good chunk of your time, and re-enforces the feeling that Lenman has enthusiastically shared something deeply personal with you

If you ever manage to wipe that cringe off your face, you can listen to the album itself and then write a vastly more accurate review than mine. It’s great fun.

Can’t help but feel I’ve got the tone of this ‘blog’ completely wrong, so it’s time to fuck off. I’ll leave you with this piece of instrumental mastery from an old pal I haven’t seen in years whose talent I haven’t seen mirrored.

The fact I’ve only just noticed the music I was listening to when I started this has turned to silence, suggests I’ve been concentrating too hard. All the best.


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